Sermorelin Acetate Bio Peptide

Sermorelin Acetate Bio Peptide


Sermorelin Acetate Bio Peptide


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Sermorelin (or modified form G-hormone releasing hormone 1-29) belongs to group of proteins and hormones. Its molecular formula is C149H246N44O42S and its molecular weight/mass is 3357.96. This peptide contains 29 amino acids in its chain and is synthesized the shortest fragment of endogenous GH-releasing hormone.

Scientists have been studying this group of peptides for many years, starting since 1980 when doctor D. Rudman was testing this compound as a tool for anti-ageing processes and doctor William Wehrenberg was looking at different peptides and particularly GHRh to identify which part of it is needed for pituitary gland stimulating response; he eliminated single amino acids to examine peptide and that found that only 29-acids-chain was responsible for pituitary stimulation. In 1999 researchers Goa and Prakash checked sermorelin GH as provocative tasting method for deficiency of endogenous G-hormone.

The most known features of this research compound are increasing lean muscular tissue mass, reducing fat, increasing bone tissue density and even enhancing functioning of immune system. It complies with certain amino-segment of natural long-chained GHrh. Sermorelin helps to convert exceeded volume of GH by liver into IGF-1.

For research purposes only.


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