TB-500 Bio Peptide

TB-500 Bio Peptide


TB-500 Bio Peptide

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TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4) is a naturally occurring peptide present in almost all animal and human cells. TB500 is a synthetic peptide that has been directly linked to recovery as it is plays a vital role in building new blood vessels, new small muscle tissue fibers, cell migration and blood cell reproduction. If you are an injured athlete, all of these properties are something that becomes very desirable when looking to speed up the recovery process.

The main functionality of TB-500 hinges on the ability to up-regulate cell building proteins like Actin. Up-regulation of Actin allows TB-500 to promote cell migration and proliferation. This not only helps build new blood vessel pathways but also regulates inflammation directly correlated with wound healing. Its versatility even extends to its molecular structure and low molecular weight, which lends to its mobility and ability to travel long distances through tissues. This means when targeting injured areas (chronic or acute), TB-500 has the ability to circulate the body and find those areas of injury in order to take corrective action. Added benefits of improved flexibility, reduced inflammation in tendons have been noticed, and some users report some re-grown lost hair (also reports of grayed hair darkening).

In fact, studies are being done which correlate TB-500 with healing of the heart, in some cases repairing ventricular hypertrophy.

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